From Winnipeg: Cara Luft plays banjo, JD Edwards plays guitar, and in moments they find the darkening chord change the best bluegrass—from the Stanley Brothers to Be Good Tanyas—has always hidden in the sweet slide of the rhythm, the tiny shift where the person telling the story suddenly understands it.”

Greil Marcus in Pitchfork

Some things just work together: the Lennon and McCartney syndrome – and to witness a performance by The Small Glories is a rare opportunity to experience that indefinable quality that creates perfection... ”

David Allen, Americana UK

Luft and Edwards have turned [their] release into an unexpectedly auspicious occasion, thanks to a ruggedly dynamic collection of songs gleaned from a homespun perspective... The band spins their material with a clear authority and weathered resilience that belies their rookie status. "1000 Stars" and "Home" have the same kind of shout-out, hyper charged refrain that The Lumineers have used to their advantage, while the wistful but resilient "Holding On" solidifies the album's indelible imprint... The songs offer an instant allure, giving reason to listen again and again, simply because they're well worth reliving. In the end, "Wondrous Traveller" reflects the sum of its strengths - Luft's seasoned prowess, Edwards' obvious dexterity, and the rest of the band's ability to caress the arrangements and solidify the stance... Compelling? Clearly, no doubt.”

No Depression and Country Standard Time (writer: Lee Zimmerman)

I actually heard someone in the audience gasp! ... The Small Glories had us all totally enthralled.”

— Whitstable Sessions Music Club, UK

Can two singer-songwriters be better than one? Yes, emphatically, yes, if the two in question are Cara Luft and JD Edwards, playing and singing together as The Small Glories. It’s our loss they didn’t [join forces] sooner because Edwards and Luft are a folk-roots powerhouse... It’s magic. ★★★★”

— Winnipeg Free Press

'Holding On' is a thing of beauty... Floaty and sympathetic. Calming and tender. This is a song that, trust me, you really don’t want to end. Just one more verse? Another chorus? And another? Just one more? ... By the end of [this] second song you’re ready and eager for more... One of the best debuts I’ve heard in many a year.”

The Audiophile Man UK - Paul Rigby

The Small Glories succeed so well as a creative unit thanks to the commitment and skill of JD and Cara. Not only their commitment to the project but their commitment over decades to the music they love. As a result of their combined openness, they play and sing together like they’ve been doing it for years. [They] may have been thrown together entirely by accident, a recent collaboration in terms of their individual musical careers. This, however, is a partnership that could almost make you believe in fate. ”

Folk Radio UK - Neil McFadyen

There is no shortage of duo’s out there, but on this showing, The Small Glories have more clout than most.”

— Acoustic Magazine UK

Winnipeg folk/roots duo The Small Glories weave through unpredictable harmonies and play off of one another with extremely impressive, breathtaking ease. Edwards and Luft are a perfect match – their voices together are magic in the making... together, they’re unstoppable.”

— The Manitoban

The Small Glories’ debut record Wondrous Traveller bursts with sincere love songs blended with stunning harmonies to earnest duets accompanied by classic banjo strums. Contrary to the band name, 'Wondrous Traveller' is a massive triumph unveiling an exciting roots-folk debut from this dynamic duo.”

— AMBY: A Music Blog, Yea?

The Small Glories are the ultimate: two amazing solo performers who somehow manage to melt into one entity, creating incredible harmonies that still raise the hairs on the back of my neck as I write.”

— Jennifer Ives, AD, Live from the Rock Music Festival

If you’re going to cut Billy Bragg at his own game you’d better know what you’re doing... [The Small Glories] cover 'Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key', and they nail it. ”

— Penguin Eggs Magazine

The Small Glories blew everyone away. Not just their outstanding playing and singing, but their warmth and energy drew everyone in from the first moment and kept [the audience] spellbound until the last note. ”

— Arisaig Acoustic Music Club, Scotland

Any banjo aficionados out there had best take a few minute and check out The Small Glories’ video for 'Had I Paid.' Watching Cara Luft’s fingers fly on the instrument is certain to convince you it’s time for some serious banjo love in this world... There’s a whole slew of classic and contemporary folk and country to be sampled along the way [on Wondrous Traveler]. It’s growled and strained as it rolls through the old dustbowl of the Prairies before achingly sailing into the seafaring heartache of the east coast’s folk roots. Luft and Edwards are two traveling souls that may have taken a while to finally find each other, but it’s damn lucky for us their paths crossed.”

— Grayowl Point

Songlines - Album Review

Written by Jeff Kauss

Heartfelt Canadiana - a small glory of an album.

In more than one aspect, this is a unique recording of a new group uniting two stars based in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba: Cara Luft…

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Wondrous Traveler - Album Review in fRoots Magazine

Written by Steve Hunt /

The Small Glories are a new collaboration between Canadian singer-songwriters Cara Luft - founding member of The Wailin' Jennys, and JD Edwards, whose JD Edwards Band mixes blues, rock and soul ingredients into a…Read more

Elmore Magazine Album Review

Written by – Peter Lindblad

A marriage made in Winnipeg, the Small Glories combine the talents of Cara Luft and JD Edwards. If Luft’s name sounds familiar, it’s because she was a founding member of country/folk sweethearts the Wailin’ Jennys. Edwards…

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The Observer - Review

Written by Neil Spencer

Each half of the Canadian duo brought an estimable reputation to a partnership kindled at a Winnipeg festival: banjo player Cara Luft was a co-founder of the Wailin' Jennys, JD Edwards a guitar-playing singer-songwriter. Together they…Read more

FRUK Music & Culture Webzine 12 July, 2016

Written by Neil McFadyen

As fans of roots/acoustic music we’re reminded time and again that when established solo artists join forces the results can be surprising and outstanding. Old songs find new significance, engaging new work blossoms from the union, the…

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Country Standard Time Review

Given the fact that the duo known as The Small Glories boasts a main member with substantial name recognition, anticipation for what follows is already a forgone conclusion. Cara Luft, a founding member of The Wailin' Jennys and a solo…Read more

Fatea Records UK Magazine Review

Wondrous Traveler is the debut album of the duo consisting of Cara Luft and JD Edwards, it's not a JD or Cara album but a powerful end product of what happens when wonderful artists, good tunes, great singing and inspiring…

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Concert Preview in The Star Phoenix (Saskatoon)

The Small Glories - Concert Preview at Village Guitar and Amp 
by Stephanie McKay, Saskatoon StarPhoenix 

I’m thankful every day for the Internet. It fills my brain with dog memes, new songs and diagnoses for my bouts of hypochondria…

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Album Review in The Manitoban

The Small Glories – “Wondrous Traveller” 


Winnipeg folk/roots duo the Small Glories open up their debut album with a clap and banjo-picking beat, followed by dueling male and female vocals throughout the entire song, titled Had…

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Album Review at Geyser Music


By Eric Lusk 

The Small Glories are yet another example of Winnipeg’s seemingly industrial ability to churn out quality music. The folk/Americana duo is made up of Cara Luft (banjo) and…

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Album review at Canadian Beats

Review – The Small Glories 
by Sarah Ballagh 
Album: Wondrous Traveler 
Release Date: February 19, 2016 
Genre: Indie Roots Folk 

The Small Glories, a folk duo from Winnipeg, Manitoba has released their new album, Wondrous Traveler today. I had a first…

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