Hey folks, 

We've just returned from Austin, TX where we showcased at SXSW. There were four performances in all and each one was definitely something special. On Thursday we had a chance to join our fellow Canadians at the BREAK OUT WEST showcase at 'Bungalow' in downtown Austin, followed by our late night Official Showcase in the Victorian Room at the legendary Driscoll Hotel on 6th street. Friday had us perform a set at the famed Maria's Taco Xpress just south of the city centre where the showcase was sponsored by Rebelle Road, a new LA based company that fiercely champions and showcases Americana music from the female vantage point. The final showcase was on the Saturday afternoon in the Austin Convention Centre on the Flatstock Stage. It was a great set and the large audience clapped and sang along as we did our thing. All in all it was a great experience at SXSW and we can't wait to get back down to Austin for another round of story and song!


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