Up coming shows, house concerts and more.

We have some great shows coming up this month in Manitoba, Canada. The Small Glories will bringing music, song and stories to homes in Winnipeg, Boissevain and Onanole, MB.  We'll alsovbe crossing the border to perform in Forget, Saskatchewan at the Happy Nun. All our information is here in the website. Just head on over to the Shows page to find out more information on how you can join us at these select locations. 

The Happy Nun is a place Cara knows well from past concerts as she has crossed the country, but a first time for JD and thus a first time for The Small Glories. If you are in the area we would love for you come and hang with us Saturday, March 21. Here is a link to the review section of The Happy Nun. http://www.happynuncafe.ca/reviews.htm

The Small Glories will also be performing at the Crescent Fort Rouge United Church (525 Wardlaw Ave. & Nassau St. N., Winnipeg, MB) on Sunday, March 29 and a songwriting workshop Wednesday, April 1. If you have seen the video of Cara's song. "No Friend of Mine" on our video page you will recognize the stained glass in the greeting room of the CFRUC. It's a beautiful old church that has been a iconic building in the Osborne Village area for many years. TSG has been very grateful to have been using the building as a rehearsal space over the last year and we are so stoked to be giving back to the community by sharing our music and stories at this performance. The acoustics in the main hall are epic and there is a huge pipe organ that has a long standing history and sounds amazing. All are welcome, so please join us. 

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